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About Us

It’s our tradition to celebrate life’s most special moments by sharing bites of delicious delight. We create sweet surprises, spicy treats and salty namkeens to brighten up your moments of joy with your loved ones and turn them into unforgettable memories of a lifetime.

We consistently follow age-old recipes and that have won us several generations of delighted customers. With this consistency and quality, Delhi Mithai Wala is now a legacy. A destination to buy and taste the juiciest, tastiest and richest sweets made with pure ingredients for an authentic taste.


The Baking Capital

You walk into our store and an irresistible aroma of freshly-baked bread will warmly greet your senses. Choose from a wide offering of soft cakes, spongy pastries, crispy puffs, luscious creams and a mouth-watering range of biscuits. So whether it’s a birthday celebration or you want to make yourself feel better on a bad day, at Delhicacy we have delicious recipes for your every mood!

Our Range


A special something. For someone special. Give your relationships the golden glow of sweet smiles.


Begin your happy journeys! Taste the goodness of adventure with crispy, salty, spicy and sweet bites.

Best Bakery Shop in Hyderabad

Fresh out of the oven, straight to the heart! Our baked goodies are the definition of fresh.

Dil Se Delhi

Asli swaad, Dilli wala ehsaas!

Our kitchen at Delhi Mithai Wala will take your palate on a joyful ride through the gullies of New Delhi! Every recipe and every method of cooking simply reflects the traditions that have been passed on from previous generations for the last five decades. These classic preparations, combine with our passion to serve your family the true north-Indian essence of cooking.
Gulab Jamun

Gifting and Assortment

A feast for your festivity!

Special moments require special attention, right? Therefore, we select only the crème-de-la-crème of our already perfect recipes in specially designed and decorated boxes that are ready to become a token of your love.
Fal Kulfii